Joining TVTA

The View Talent Agency is not accepting new talent unless you are a SAG/AFTRA member. Please do not apply if you are not SAG/AFTRA.

The View Talent Agency represents premier talent from across the northwestern United States. We only want to represent the best and those who are dedicated to become it. Before applying, please consider the following thoughts:

  • Auditions & jobs often get scheduled with less than 48 hours notice. Sometimes the date & time changes a few times in between. Is your schedule flexible enough to allow you to take off in the middle of the day for several hours with short notice?
  • Auditions & jobs are sometimes in Seattle or Portland. Do you mind paying your own way for an oppurtunity that you may not get or you just break even after you pay for gas and hotel?
  • Gigs happen at all hours of the day. Are you willing to work in the middle of the night or must you have your beauty sleep?
  • In this day of the information age many auditions are self-taped and submitted via Vimeo or YouTube. Are you comfortable enough with a digital camera and computer to upload an audition, or willing to at least learn?
  • Models: Spokane's modeling industry is pretty small. Many modeling jobs are really acting jobs where they snap a few pictures during taping.

If you aren't scared off yet, then you might be the person we are looking for. To apply, send an email to with the following:

  1. A brief introduction of yourself and why you want to be represented by The View Talent Agency.
  2. a good telephone number to contact you at.
  3. What days/times are best for us to contact you?
  4. Attach a current headshot.
  5. Attach a current resume (MS Word or PDF format).

Once your e-mail is submitted, be patient. We don't go through the new applicant list everyday. It might be a week or two before you hear back from us. (That's a good thing because it means we are busy getting our clients work.) Be prepared to get an e-mail with a script attached that request you submit a taped audition. After you have submitted that... we'll talk. If we both like what the other has to say, then we'll do some paperwork. After that the real hard, but usually fun, work begins.

This may sound like a long process, and it is. In this industry there is a lot of "hurry up and wait". You'll get used it. Eventually, if you work hard enough, you get rewarded.

Z Nation 'Extra' Information

At this point, all zombies must be 18 years or older, and be Washington residents.

You may only be represented by a single talent agency. Please do not contact us if you've already contacted Big Fish NW or Flannel Background.

The View Talent Agency only represents those who behave professionally. That begins with being able to following directions.

Please send an e-mail to with the subject of "Z Nation Extra". Please provide the following information:

Measurements for Women:

Measurements for Men:

Please attach a color headshot (from just above the sternum) AND a color, full-body picture (from head to toes) to the e-mail. The pictures don't have to be professional, but they should:

If you need examples of what headshots look like, look at our talents' headshots. Finally, please attach a picture or scan of your driver's license or identification card.

Please note that the casting process for "extra" work is fairly random. You'll be added to our database, but it maybe sometime before you hear from us, or you might not hear at all. It all depends upon what the casting director needs for each episode.